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Wednesday 16th November 2016 – Afternoon


The official opening of the Stem Cells Convention will take place at the GREAT HALL of the well known “PALAZZO BO”, University of Padua head office, in which is also located Galileo Galilei’s desk as he taught there from 1592 to 1610

 Via VII Febbraio, 2, 35122 Padua – Italy

Chairpersons: K. LeBlanc (Sweden) & G. Perilongo (Italy)

14.00: Opening Address

14.30: Nobel Prize Lecture (video conference): Dissecting human reprogramming towards pluripotency, S. Yamanaka (Japan)

15.00: Regenerative Medicine: meeting the expectations? K. LeBlanc (Sweden)

15.30: Extracellular vesicles: biology and characterization, P.J. Quesenberry (USA)

16.00: Isolation and characterization of primary human bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells, S. Scheding (Sweden)

16.30: Epigenetic and mechano-sensing related control of cell fate, N. Elvassore (Italy)

17.00: Impact of the “Disease-in-a-Dish” model on the management of genetic diseases, G. Tiscornia (Spain)

17.30: Overview of the bioethical issues on stem cells, Henk ten Have (USA)

18.30: Welcome drink at historical Caffé Pedrocchi.

21.15: Concert at Chiesa dei Servi, Vicolo dei Servi, Padua.