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Friday 18th November 2016


Location: Pedrocchi Cafè – ROSSINI HALL & EGYPTIAN ROOM  – Via VIII Febbraio, 15, Padua

Cell Reprogramming and organ reconstruction

Chairpersons: T. Brevini (Italy) & T.C. Grikscheit (USA)

09.00: Epigenetic conversion of cell lineage, T. Brevini (Italy)

9.25: A new ethical and rapid method of producing human neural stem cells, J-E. Ahlfors (Canada)

9.50: Bioartificial organs: dead or alive? Z. Pitkin (USA)

10.15: Tissue engineering of the gastrointestinal tract, T.C. Grikscheit (USA)

10.40: General discussion.

11.00: Coffee Break (Caffè Pedrocchi).


Neurological diseases

Chairpersons: N. Scolding (UK) & G. Göritz (Sweden)

11.30: Session A: Key lecture: Stem cell treatment of multiple sclerosis, N. Scolding (UK)

11.55: Implantation of neural cells embedded on PLA/CS composite scaffold conduit promotes regeneration in a rat model of multiple sclerosis, E. Hoveizi (Iran)

12.10: Stem cell based therapies  for cancer K. Shah, (USA)

12.35: Session B: Key lecture: Nervous system scarring and repair, C. Göritz (Sweden)

12:50: No stem cell therapy without stem cell patent – Implications of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice to protect human embryos, T. Faltus (Germany)

13.00: Lunch


Location: Padua City Hall – PALADIN HALL – Via del Municipio, 1 , Padua


Resources, regulations, media

Chairpersons: G. Migliaccio (EATRIS, EU) & R. Pegoraro (Italy)

15.00: Trends in EU regulations – EMA. D. Melchiorri (EMA, EU)

15.25: Trends in EU regulations – Tissue/organ transplantation, A. Nanni Costa (Italy)

15.50: Industry perspective, A. Vertes (UK)

16.15: The pivotal role of media in the advancement of therapeutic tools, R. Stutzki (CH)

16.40: Coffee break

17.05: The role of patient organizations, G. Volpato (Italy)

17.25: Cord blood banking, C. Pintus (Italy)

17.50: Bioethics of resources, S. Semplici (Italy)

18.15: General discussion

19.00: End of Session